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Agência Funerária Augusto de Oliveira

Contact: António Oliveira Telephone: 351 213-886-238
    Fax: 351 213-879-106   
Address: Rua General Taborda, 59-A Email:
  1070-138 Lisbon Website:
  Portugal Membertype: Associate member
Quote: Agência Funerária Augusto de Oliveira, 50 years of experience Member picture/logo
Profile: Funeral Agency Augusto de Oliveira, founded in 1965, headquarters in Rua General Taborda, 73 A, in Lisbon, is a family-owned company, recognized in the market for the excellence of the services it offers. Providing a personalized service, the company has been the mission of Augusto de Oliveira over almost 50 years of experience. Providing total satisfaction of the customers is our main objective. Our new headquarters have custom service cabinets and a display room for religious urns and articles, offering all dignity and comfort, and experienced staff to assist and accompany families throughout the painful process of bondage. In addition to a varied range of service offerings, ranging from Tanatopraxia / Tanatoestética, florist, stonework, to a modern funeral fleet. Funeral Agency Augusto de Oliveira has extensive experience in repatriation issues. Through the site you can request our services, having as guarantee our immediate service and the unconditional support. Many thanks for your preference! António Oliveira

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