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Funeralia International Funeral Transport

Contact: Oleh Milinskiy Telephone: +380971498785
    Fax: -
Address: Sapunowa Str 2/2, Sharovechka Email:
  31336 Khmelnytsky Website:
  Ukraine Membertype: Associate member
Quote: Family Funeral service company, International Repatriation Funeralia Member picture/logo
Profile: Hello from Funeralia Oleh Milinskiy, we are your friends from FIAT-IFTA from Poland and Ukraine. We would like to offer you the best price for repatriation of deceased from Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Italy.
Contact: Oleg Milinski Telephone: +48513123678
    Fax: -
Address: Batalionow Chlopskich 87 M140 Email:
  01307 Warszawa

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