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Hakuzen-Sha Inc.

Contact: Mr.Hiroshi Kitajima Telephone: 0742-22-5901
    Fax: 0742-24-2768
Address: 7-1-10 Minami 14jyou Nishi Chuouku Sapporoshi Email:
  Hokkaido Website: http://www.
  Japan Membertype: Associate member
Quote: Hakuzen-Sha Inc.
Profile: HAKUZEN-SHA Funeral Homes and Repatriation Services HAKUZENSHA is the closest full funeral company to Narita Airport. Highly skilled and licensed embalmers will help you in a sincere manner. We have carried out embalming services since 1993 at Hakuzensha. We will give you an estimate and after your acceptance, we preform the embalming treatment. In addition, we will proceed to transport the remains back home, or the ashes after cremation. We can also become the liaison for the family to domestic agencies and embassy/consulates. Hakuzensha has more than 20 years of repatriation experience so you can be assured of professionalism, dignity and respect. Hakuzen-Sha Ltd. on Facebook:

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