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Quote: ICCFA promotes consumer choices, pre-arrangement and open competition. Member picture/logo
Profile: Founded in 1887 as the Association of American Cemetery Superintendents, the organization was created by a group of 18 cemeterians whose goal was to improve the appearance and operations of their properties. Throughout its first century of operation, the association grew in size and mission and underwent several name changes, but it remained a national cemetery-only organization. In 1996, the association became the International Cemetery and Funeral Association, expanding its membership to include funeral homes and other related businesses and extending its reach beyond U.S. borders. In 2007, “Cremation” was added to the name to more accurately reflect the operations and goals of its membership. Today, the ICCFA is composed of more than 9,100 cemeteries, funeral homes, crematories, memorial designers and related businesses worldwide. It serves and supports these members through a host of benefits designed to increase their management proficiency and improve their businesses--from regular updates on government and legal issues, to educational meetings, to a variety of services and products tailored to meet their needs.

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