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Contact: Atanas Argirov Telephone: 359-887-622-444 / 359-331-630-75
    Fax: -
Address: 2, Borislav Street Email:
  4230 Asenovgrad Website:
  Bulgaria Membertype: Active member
Quote: POSLEDNA POCHIT Ltd Member picture/logo
Profile: Funeral Agency "Posledna Pochit" is a regular member of the Bulgarian Union of Funeral Agencies and keeps constant professional contact with all branch agencies in the country. Moreover, Atanas Argirov is the union chairman for the second term. Our membership in the Union obliges us to comply strictly with the adopted Ethical Code and the Bulgarian State Standard for funeral services EN 15017 from 2006. This is a guarantee for transparency, quality, good reputation and respect of all people working at the agency, who will receive you in their stylish uniforms in sign of respect for you and the memory of your deceased familiars. They will attend you with care and tact. So, if by chance you enter a shabby premise or a gloomy office and are received by a person without a decent look who tells you that you have come to Funeral Agency "Posledna Pochit", just do not trust him.

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