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SAPAKS - Slovak Association of Funeral and Cremation Services

Contact: President Ladislav Stríž Telephone: +421 (0) 903 716 024
    Fax: -
Address: Trojičné námestie 12 Email:
  821 06 Bratislava Website:
  Slovakia Membertype: National member
Quote: SAPAKS was established in the year 2006. Member picture/logo
Profile: The main SAPAKS philosophy is the edification of funeral services and securing human dignity. In year 2011 the first professional magazine called „Slovenské pohrebníctvo“ was distributed and it is still being published today. The magazine significantly helped with raising awareness about funeral services in the general public. Nowadays SAPAKS guarantees that all it`s members provide a high quality farewell and burial ceremony, which is equal to the value of a humans life.

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