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TALLINNA Krematoorium SA

Contact: Andres Tönissoo Telephone: 372 623 8808
    Fax: 372 623 8804
Address: Pärnamäe tee 36 Email:
  11914 Tallin Website:
  Estonia Membertype: National member
Quote: Tallin Crematorium Estonia Member picture/logo
Profile: Tallinn Tallinn Crematorium offers a complete funeral service - transporting of the deceased from the home or hospital from anywhere in Estonia to our morgue, washing and dressing and casketing of the deceased. There are several funeral speakers to choose from, as well as a variety of musical choices (violin, organ, flute, cello, etc.). There are more than 100 different urns to choose from. Tallinn Crematorium organizes cremation funerals as well as grave funerals. Complete funeral service Tallinn Crematorium offers a complete funeral service - transport, storage, washing and dressing of the deceased; a variety of funeral speakers and music to choose from, and a large selection of urns. International transport Tallinna Krematoorium can transport your beloved ones to and from abroad, if necessary.

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