The objectives and purposes of the Federation are as follows


Objective A

  To research and jointly study legal, moral, social and scientific issues relating to thanatological activities, especially with regard to services rendered in memorialization and disposition of deceased individuals;  



Objective B

  To promote international understanding and goodwill among the world’s funeral service professionals and to achieve uniformed standards, rules, regulations and treaties for the cost efficient international repatriation of deceased individuals;  



Objective C

  To encourage and develop education in the field of embalming (thanatopraxy) throughout the world and achieve uniform standards and regulations in respect of embalming (thanatopraxy);  



Objective D

  To increase the level of the professional knowledge of funeral service practitioners by assembling and disseminating to those in the profession publications, articles, and other works related to thanatological issues;  



Objective E

  To safeguard the global funeral heritage in joint effort with other organizations and to create awaereness in governments and international bodies;  



Objective F

  To provide due respect and deference to the autonomy of national organisations and to avoid any interference in all matters pertaining to laws, regulations, customs and manners of individual nations;  



Objective G

  To promote and represent the funeral industry wherever asked or required;  
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