Committee members

FIAT-IFTA Funeral Heritage Steering Committee

Committee members    
Henry Keizer Chairman  The Netherlands
Dirk Van Vuure Jr Secretary  The Netherlands
Teresa Saavedra 1st Vice president FIAT-IFTA  Bolivia
Dirk van Vuure Sr. Secretary IAFM  The Netherlands
Rolf Lichtner    Germany
Wang Jisheng    People's Republic of China
Emerson de Luca    United Kingdom
Fernando Sánchez Tulla    Spain
Yoland Tremblay    Canada
Representative France    
Muriel Ghys Les Amis du Musée Funéraire National (AMFN)  France


FIAT-IFTA Funeral Heritage Advisory Committee

This Committee advises, informs, documents and identifies special Funeral Heritage projects.

Committee members    
Dr. Rolf Lichtner Chairman Germany
Prof. Dr. Peter Harbison    Ireland
Mme Muriel Ghys    France
Dr. Sergey Yakushin    Russia
Mr. Jorge Luis Tamayo Gaviria    Colombia
Mr. Xin Bingyong    People's Republic of China
Mr. Fernando Sánchez Tulla    Spain
Mr. Francisco Javier Rodríguez Barberán    Spain
Mr. Yoland Tremblay    Canada
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