10 Special Last Wills

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10 Special Last Wills

Have you ever thought about adding something full of humor to your last wills list? Or making a plot twist on who you give your fortune?
Hereby a list on ten famous people who had rather strange last wishes.

1) Virgil. Last wish : Burn the Aeneid
2) William Shakespeare. Last wish: Give my wife my “second best bed”
3) Charles Dickens. Last wish: The mourners who attend the funeral should :”not wear scarf, cloak, black bow, long hatband, or other such revolting absurdity”.
4) George Bernhard Shaw. Last wish: no religious service
5) Benjamin Franklin. Last wish: The his daughter would not wear expensive jewels.
6) John B Kelly. Last wish: That the clothing bills of his daughter, Princess Grace would not bankrupt the principality of Monaco.
7) Harry Houdini. Last Wish: that his wife would hold séance so that he could reveal himself.
8) Napoleon Bonaparte. Last wish: his hair to be shaved and be given out to his friends.
9) William Hearst. Last wish: anyone to prove “If he or she is the child of mine to receive the sum of one dollar”.
10) John Bowman. Last wish: for dinner to be prepared every night after his death, in case he might come back to life.

You can read the reason behind the last wishes, in the original article on http://listverse.com/2008/08/23/10-unusual-last-wills-and-testaments/

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