7 Tips For Pre-Planning a Funeral

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7 Tips For Encouraging Families To Pre-Plan Their Funeral

The pre-planning of funeral, makes it easier not only for the funeral directors but also for the families. Here are seven tips to encourage families for making funeral pre-planning.

1.“This is an opportunity for you to put your end-of-life wishes down on paper.”
Traditional or something personalized? Cremation? There are many questions.

2.“You can map out the memory you will leave behind.”
The funeral will also leave a memory, be the last chapter that people remember from you.

3.“Relieve your family from the trouble and hassle of planning your funeral.”
Time without you will be difficult enough, this makes daily problem decrease a bit.

4. “Begin saving for your funeral now while you’re thinking ahead.”
If you know on time what costs what you can cut back to the basics if needed.

5.“Avoid rising funeral costs by locking in your price now.”
The prices only continue to go up, so if you have a chance to lock it now, why not.

6.“This doesn’t have to be a permanent, unchanging decision.”
You can always see what choices the company offers beforehand and choose for more flexible one.

7.“Your wishes will be honored no matter what.”
No matter what changes take place within the company, your wish will be fulfilled.

You can read the original and long version of the article at ConnectingDirectors, http://connectingdirectors.com/articles/46198-7-tips-for-encouraging-families-to-pre-plan-their-funeral

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