8 Tips On Funeral Etiquette

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8 Tips On Funeral Etiquette

Some situations tend to repeat and it is good to know, what to do and how not to behave at a funeral. Hereby 8 Simple reminders of funeral etiquette.

1. Arrive on time
Needless to say it is a matter of respect in general but as the author of this article nicely puts – it is about caring for others more than for yourself.

2. Turn of your cell phone
Another general etiquette rule, because a ringing bell is not appropriate at a funeral ceremony.

3. Wear proper attire
Not too bright colors and no jeans. Simple black or white, depending on culture where you are set in.

4. Send a message of sympathy
However the the author recommends to not say things like “the good die young” or “I know how you feel”.

5. Send a gift or contribution
Make sure what is expected, not everyone wants flowers.

6. Respect the family’s wishes
This is not a moment to teach or say what is proper in your mind.

7. Observe cultural, religious, and other practices
If you are not sure how to behave or what do wear, do some research before.

8. Bringing small children
If you are not sure your children can be silent then consider hiring a babysitter.

Read the original article http://www.advancedetiquette.com/2010/08/funeral-etiquette/

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