A Mafia Funeral in Rome

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A Mafia Funeral in Rome

The Italians have a reason for feeling not amused. There was a lavish funeral held for Vittorio Casamonica. He was known as part of the ‘mafia’ for he and his clan have been accused of racketeering, extortion and usury.

Many people are disgusted for the way the funeral was carried out, as it was anything else than humble; and by the fact that there was even a church ceremony. While Piergiorgio Welby (symbol of Italy’s right-to-die movement) could not have a church farewell ceremony.

In the funeral Vittorio Casamonica was sent away along with rose pedals thrown from a helicopter, music from “the Godfather” theme and big banners hanging on the church walls; claiming he had Rome, and shall now conquer the heaven.

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