A Thing for Skulls

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A Thing for Skulls

The first skull artwork that pops into my mind is from Van Gogh – the skull of a skeleton with burning cigarette. However he did not keep himself busy with just that symbol. Coming to modern times, there are some artists that make huge series depicting skulls. With this article we look at several artists who all use skulls in their creation and some even devote all their creation around it.

First up is Ali Gulec, he has loads of skull pictures and design elements on offer. You can see it here http://www.ikiiki.co/The-Message in addition to that in his web shop one can find everything with skulls – pillows, phone cases, t-shirts etc.

Second up, getting a bit more unusual here is Kelly McCallum, who has created skulls of butterfly wings, and flowers of spiders. You can see the result at boredpanda site, http://www.boredpanda.com/i-create-skeletal-collages-and-intricate-flowers-out-of-insects-and-spiders/ On her website you will find more art in that direction http://www.kellymccallum.com/

Perhaps more unique idea of using skulls, for he does not draw them is by Shinji Nakaba an artist who creates skulls by craving pearls. He takes pearls and craves them to look like tiny skulls, which he then uses for jewelry works. There are some pretty unusual things as a result . For example a ring of tiny skulls in a row. Or just one skull on gold as this video displays

You can see more of his work at http://work.s-nakaba.com/?cid=44778

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