An exhibition about suicides

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An exhibition about suicides

Can one be saved when they are planning a suicide? What are the reasons? These questions are being researched in the new exhibition at the museum Tot Zover.

There is a new exhibition about photos collected by an artist Meinbert Gozewijn shows how people are saved from their suicide. The American press photos were published in newspapers between 1930 and 1980. Whether they were sorting the preventive Papageno effect is questionable. But the images speak for themselves: people catch each other.

In the exhibition you can also see the “Wall of Shame”
Designer Richard Sluijs found in national and international newspapers, blogs and digital products more than 300 suicides are the result of the economic crisis. In the form of devotional pictures he discusses the individual suffering in the confrontational monument Wall of Shame, based on his book The Complete Encyclopedia of Crisis Related Suicides 2008-2013 / Vol.1. Knowing that there sparingly message about the facts of suicide are described cases only the tip of the iceberg. The Complete Lexicon won a golden European Design Award for best designed book.

The exhibition is open from 25th of June until 4th of October 2015.
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