ALPAR initiative: The World United for Life

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ALPAR initiative: The World United for Life

In 2012, ALPAR celebrated the first version of ‘LATINAMERICA UNITED FOR LIFE’ . Due to the outstanding results accomplished during this event, ALPAR invited FIAT-IFTA to make this a world event; therefore, in year 2013 the event was renamed ‘THE WORLD UNITED FOR LIFE’ and it was celebrated in countries beyond our continent like New Zealand, South Afirca…

The World United for Life is an initiative of ALPAR to commemorate the life of those who have gone before us, to celebrate the life of our loved ones and to celebrate our life. It is overall a celebration to our unique identity with an event in which all companies of the Funeral Industry can invite the families they have served and the general public.

This specific event confirms not only the unity of International Funeral Industry but it conveys a strong message of commitment to our communities, societies throughout the world.

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