"Burden of Wings" Mauro Marinelli

"Burden of Wings" Mauro Marinelli

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Mauro Marinelli
Burden of Wings Text by Mauro Marinelli
Designed by Kehrer Design
Hardcover with dust jacket 17x23cm 112 pages 96 color ills.
English ISBN 978-3-86828-564-2 Euro 29,90 /US$ 40,00

The transience of life captured in poetic pictures.

Iconic cemetery images captured on Polaroid juxtapose the in- herent contradictions of the immediate moment: instant and everlasting. In homage to the 16th century Dutch still life style of Nature Morte, the stone of mortuary sculptures softens like flesh and graveside tokens and bouquets of colorful flowers depict life be- coming death. A weathered stuffed animal across a grave, litt- le polished stones, toy soldiers frozen in action, rosaries, porce- lain angels, plastic flowers, roses; touches of grief in bas relief. After his BFA in Photography and English from Manhattanville College, Mauro Marinelli traveled around the USA to photograph the last of the original Italian immigrant for his first book, Old Timers: The Italians (1979). In the last decade he has returned to his photography and completed three personal photo essays one of which is Burden of Wings.

»When I first started this project, I began by shooting in black and white with a 35mm camera. I could see the potential for a photo project, but the images had too much information; that is, the images were too sharp, the statuary was only statuary, too dour, too maudlin. Not how I felt about cemeteries at all. I kept a Polaroid camera in my truck to use for tracking progress on my construction sites. One day I happened to have time before an appointment. I wandered into a nearby cemetery and used the Polaroid as a painter might use a sketchpad. I shot freely and, as the images appeared, I loved what I saw, or, more accurately, I loved how the Polaroid interpreted what I saw. The limitations of the plastic lens softened the features captured in stone; the softened stone wings became real wings. Color did not have the solemnity of black and white. The images now looked like how I felt.

« Mauro Marinelli

Future exhibition venues to be announced.

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