Unique CEGEP program

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Unique CEGEP program prepares students to work in funeral industry

Written by Brenda Branswell, Montreal Gazette,

First Published on: April 4, 2015

In an introductory course to their CEGEP program, students at Collège de Rosemont visit funeral homes and get to watch embalming techniques.

Their classroom facilities include a tiny mock funeral parlour crammed with caskets, two mannequins and floral arrangements. A practice laboratory contains three white embalming tables where students in the three-year program work on cadavers.

The mortuary studies program is the only one offered in Quebec’s public CEGEP system. In a society where most of us don’t like to dwell on death, the topic gets discussed daily here.
“One of our teachers told us at the start — and I realize even more now that it’s true — that we’re totally aware of death because we deal with it every day so we enjoy life even more,” said first-year student Shany Heine.
“The more I learn, the more I’m sure it’s the job I want to do later,” said Heine, 21, who wants to open her own funeral home one day.

We’re so conditioned for a long time to be afraid of the dead that everyone is afraid of the dead.— Sophie Benoit, mortuary studies teacher
Students come from all over Quebec for the program and only a small percentage already have a link to the funeral industry. Prospective students often mistakenly think if they’re in contact once with a cadaver they’ll know if the program is for them and whether they can handle it, said Sophie Benoit, the program coordinator and teacher in the department.

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