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Burguete, Alcoy and Roncal win the contest Cemeteries Cultural Adios

Press release from FUNESPAÑA, S.A.

Awards will be presented at a public event to be held in Madrid next 28 and all participants will be included in the Guide Cemeteries of Spain that will launch the magazine in 2015.

Cemetery Burguete (Navarra), the pantheon of Augustine Cemetery Gisbert Alcoy (Alicante) and sculpture dedicated to Gayarre in the cemetery of Roncal (Navarra) they have won the popular vote contest I Cemeteries organized by the magazine Goodbye Cultural edited by Funespaña.

Second and third place have been cemeteries Noia (A Coruña) and Montjuic (Barcelona) in the category of cemeteries; Roman cisterns located in the Cemetery Monturque (Cordoba) and the necropolis of Santa Maria Cemetery Nova Cambados as best monument; and finally, the sculpture "The Kiss death "Cemetery Poblenou in Barcelona and the main figure of the pantheon the Moroder family of General Cemetery of Valencia in the third category. The organization has decided to contest as valid classification in the website of the magazine, after analyzing the vote for correct process vote. The direction of the magazine also wishes to inform that have been detected incidents in the ratings have been about 4 percent of the total votes (1,248 about 28,530 received) in several of the candidates but "after analyzing and
count the votes, not affect the order of the final classification. "

All nominations submitted to the contest will be part of the Guide Cemeteries Cultural Goodbye Spain that will launch in 2015. Awards will be presented at a public event to be held in Madrid on October 28 and which will also be given recognition to candidates who have remained in second and third place. The organization is grateful for the welcome and support shown by the media communication, public, cultural associations and public bodies

have made this contest will become the most important event related to the culture of death in our country; serve as an example the 60,000 visits the during the three months of voting. "We are convinced that it has opened a window through which, surely, begin to discover and integrate these spaces within society, giving them a known as an integral part of the culture and history of our people, "according words of the organization.

Here are the winners:

Cemetery Burguete (Navarra): It has a simple, linear design, however, has great symbolism. To access the cemetery, one has to go under a letter alpha (Α), the first letter of the Greek alphabet. Only so one can walk the perimeter as omega (Ω), the end; and walk the trails discoid couples. Equal to each other, as such we are all to death, regardless of class, sex or creed.

San Antonio Abad (Alcoy, Alicante), Pantheon Gisbert Agustín Vidal (1903): Place of rest the founder of the match factory "The mistera" (1886) businessman, used what prompted death in life materials from industrialization such as iron and cement. Imitating the structure of a prehistoric dolmen, decoration refers to the transience of life, alongside his angel asks us to silence. Originality and modernity come together in this work.

Roncal (Roncal-Navarra): The Mausoleum of Gayarre, is a sculptor Mariano Benlliure. Since 1901 covers the remains of Navarre tenor. Since he was awarded the Medal of Honor for sculpture at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1900. A marble sarcophagus decorated on all sides by children who are singing opera libretti, leaning unsteadily on Harmony and Melody. Fame is inclined to listen while on the side, Music hiding her heartbroken face.

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