Ebola: The Abandonment of Crematorium

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Ebola: The Abandonment of Crematorium Monrovia

The one of most dangerous places Liberia: Monrovia crematorium in Boyztown neighborhood has been abandoned. For the thousands of bodies which were highly contaminated by Ebola virus, have been cremated there.

With the patients numbers dropping, and the resistance of the population to this practice, the government has stopped the automatic cremation and opened a new cemetery for the victims of the epidemic. However, the crematorium remains with the site now crystallized, causing still discomfort in locals.


The concrete walls of th crematorium blackened, large incinerators metal barrels and still full of Ebola victims last remains. The place is sinister and still terrorizes the residents, explains the Rev. Jasper Kollie Junior "Nobody felt safe, everyone was afraid. This place has contaminated the environment, it has made everything dirty, the smell was horrendous and there were large explosions every night. For that reason many have moved, people were traumatized. Today, they are afraid, we should dismantle and make it a memorial for everyone to come and worship in memory of their missing relatives. »

Read the rest of the text of the original article in French here: http://www.rfi.fr/afrique/20150206-reportage-liberia-colere-abandon-crematorium-monrovia-ebola/

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