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What to write as an epitaph? Is it a moment for a memory, or as a plot twist to have one last laugh together?Here are few funny and famous epitaphs and in the end you will find few tips on how to create them.

So as mentioned they can be funny despite the fact that the end has come. For example:

Here lies an Atheist
All dressed up And no place to go.
In a Thurmont, Maryland, cemetery

Sir John Strange.
Here lies an honest man.
And that is Strange.
A lawyer’s tombstone in England

Here lies
Ezekial Aikle
Age 102
The Good
Die Young

In addition to that there are the famous ones, less funny but no less worth mentioning. For example:

"She did it the hard way"
Bette Davis

"Nothing's So Sacred As Honor And Nothing's So Loyal As Love"
Wyatt Earp

"Never born, Never died: visited the planet earth between December 11, 1931 and, January 19, 1990."

You can see more at the original source: http://www.2spare.com/item_67246.aspx

How does one make their own? What are the best things to keep in mind?
1. Read examples
2. Think about the person and about the relation of life and death in general
3. Keep a little journal of ideas
4. Think about how the person inspired you
5. Think about the roles they had in their life
6. Research into literature
7. Write everything you want to say down in a relaxed environment
8. Give a critical look on what you have written, make it 2 to 6 lines as a sum up.

The original source where you find more tips and explanation is located at http://www.ehow.com/how_2074439_write-epitaph.html


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