The world’s fastest hearse

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The world’s fastest hearse

When it comes to hearse, most people imagine something quite slow, elegant and dark. The last might still apply to the hearse named ‘Madness’ but it is everything else but slow. It holds the world record for the fastest hearse.

How fast can it go you ask? Well, from zero to sixty in 2.26 seconds! The creator of it Arne Toman, bought the 1996 Chevy Caprice and customized to tribute his favorite heavy metal band Iron Maiden.
You can see and hear more of it by looking at this video:

Specific details of the hearse:
1996 Chevrolet Caprice
Superior Hearse Body
1000 HP on 23psi of boost
0-60mph: 2.26 sec
0-100mph: 5.20 sec
60-130mph: 6.43 sec
¼ Mile: 9.94 @ 137.36mph
½ Mile: 161.46mph

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