13th FIAT-IFTA International Convention

13th FIAT-IFTA International Convention, Düsseldorf, Germany

28 – 31 May 2014 at the premium location of the Messe, Düsseldorf coinciding with the BEFA Funeral Expo nearly 200 National, Active and Associate members coming from more than 40 countries attended the Federation’s meetings, the Conference on Disaster Preparedness, events and the Expo showcase of FIAT-IFTA at the BEFA exhibition.

The change of Insignia marked the end of the term of President Claus-Dieter Wulf from Germany and the new era of the 2014 – 2016 FIAT-IFTA President. Marc Poirier who reminded the attendance that it was a special moment for him as his father Gilles Poirier has been also FIAT-IFTA President from 1998 to 2000. Incoming 3rd Vice president Marek Cichewicz from Poland was warmly welcomed all Members.

The German hosting Association BDB – Bundesverband Deutscher Bestatter did a great job and had prepared festive events. Highlight the gala evening at the Apollo Theater am Rhein and a taste of traditional German Alt beer at Schumacher’s Bier Halle.

National Members from all continents had their meetings and discussed past and future activities of the Federation.
A partnership will be engaged with the non profit LIEN foundation and ACM Foundation in order to support their initiative to promote innovations in the death care industry.
As international NGO of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention pilot projects will be started in several countries to investigate options to create awareness for traditional funeral craftsmanship among State Parties participating in the World Heritage List.

FIAT-IFTA’s relation as NGO accredited with United Nations ECOSOC will be reviewed in order to be able to bring the issues of Sea Burial to the attention of the authorities of the international Convention of the Law of the Sea.

Constitutional matters of the Federation will be subject of studies of the Executive Board

A great variety of presentations informed the attending members on divers issues.

Some highlights: The VISEGRAD group of countries: Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic was introduced by SPAKS, Slovakia President Ladislav Striz. He deployed their common program to improve funeral standards in these former communist ruled countries. Japan ZENSO-REN President Akinori Matsui gave insight in the Mortuary Education in Japan. Rene Deguisne from HYGECO International explained the advantages of SafeBalm products. Christof Johnen , German Red Cross Head of International Cooperation gave an interesting address on ‘Dealing with Disasters: functional aspects and public health issues.

On Saturday 31 May a technical visit to the beautiful located Crematorium in Willich, little town near Düsseldorf showed the visitors the latest on cremation techniques while Aficianados of Golf Tournaments enjoyed the mild springtime on the greens. Many thanks to our German hosts.



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