Necropolis TanExpo World - Russia

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Necropolis TanExpo World - Russia

The Necropolis TanExpo World - Russia Expo took place on the 28th – 30th October 2014 in Moscow, Russia. The FIAT-IFTA booth (number 303) was represented by 3rd Vice president Mr. Marek Cichewicz and office manager miss Teevi Subert.

Mr. Marek Cichewicz and Teevi Subert

The FIAT-IFTA 3rd Vice President Marek Cichewicz gave a presentation at the conference hall about the European funeral standards from Polish Funeral Industry point of view.
In addition to that FIAT-IFTA ICD member and EFFS executive director Mr.Rolf Lichtner also gave presentation in regarding the European funeral standards.

Mr.Rolf Lichtner and Mr. Marek Cichewicz giving presentation

The visitors of FIAT-IFTA booth got a complimentary Thanos magazine and as there were many Russian companies present a Russian text that introduces FIAT-IFTA was also handed out.

The FIAT-IFTA would like to thank the president of Necropolis project Sergey Yakushin and all the organizers for a wonderful time in Moscow!

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