The Controversial Cremation Advertisement

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The Controversial Cremation Advertisement – a new trend?

The advertisement of St.Louis Cremation has got the social media actively involved and funeral magazines such as questioning – is it a good advertisement or really not such a brilliant idea?

Let us look at the advertisement, it states in a meme manner “Do not let the flower fool you she’ll be a teenager soon”. The photo with text itself could provoke many different ideas but it is the advertisement of cremation services which makes clear what is provoked - Memento Mori (Latin) -remember you too shall die. The target audience may be slightly terrified to be reminded of that fact.

Therefore, the attention it brings is both positive and negative. The main aims of good advertisement are: memorable, reaching target audience, to be entertaining and get the attention of people.
This advert certainly reaches the goals in almost all categories but was it still a risk worth to be taken? What are the changes you have noticed in advertising of funeral homes or products of funeral profession in last years?

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