Workshop On Funeral Management Issues

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Workshop On Funeral Management Issues

"Union of Funeral Organizations and Crematoriums" and Moscow Academy of Entrepreneurship offer a scientific Workshop from 4-6 February.

Short-term training program for managers and employees of the funeral industry. Participants will be given a certificate from the Moscow Academy of Entrepreneurship, to prove their professional development.
The workshop will be leaded by:

Elena Andreeva - executive director of the Union of Funeral Organizations and crematoria;
George Sjutkin - Ph.D., professor, and the author of the book “Fundamentals of Ritual and Funeral Business ";
Vladimir Rodkin - Vice-President of the Union of Funeral Organizations and crematoria;
Tamara Savina - leading lawyer of the Union of Funeral Organizations and crematoria;
Sergey Jakushin - President of the "Necropolis", vice president of the Union of Funeral Organizations and Crematoriums, founder of "training center of Novosibirsk funeral service." Tanatopraktik international class;
Vladimir Bubnov - St. Petersburg School of embalming;
Grigory Gorbunov - Colonel Ministry of Emergency Situations, an expert in the field of management, the author of the methodology 3G management, teacher international school of business;

The timetable of the course:
February 4
9.30 - 10.00 Registration.
• Welcome the participants.
• Theoretical and organizational bases of the funeral business in Russia.
• Development of a new draft law "On the funeral business in the Russian Federation" about information and trends.
• Organization of ritual funeral business in urban areas
13.00-14.00 Lunch.
• Powers of executive authorities of the Russian Federation, the executive bodies of subjects of the federation and local governments under the new law "On the funeral business in Russia."
• The quality assurance system of products and services of the funeral ritual purposes.
• Issues of registration of cemeteries and topographic surveys.
• Infections and bio-energetically safe aspects of handling the body of the deceased.
19.00-22.00 Business dinner.

February 5
10.00 Getting Started.
• Preparing the body for burial. Modern aspects and possible issues.
• Prevention of professional burnout
13.00-14.00 Lunch.
• Company rituals in the work of regulatory agencies.
• Basics of the websites of ritual enterprises: business goal, development options, budgeting, structure and visual design of the website.
• Features of the advertising policies in funeral enterprises – what are the new tools, and discussion of standard errors in the creation and placement of advertising appeals.
• Client targeting as a competitive advantage in the market of ritual services. Basic techniques, and systematic approach to customer service.

February 6
10.00-17.30 Training: Checks. Negotiations. Check In. Practice effective interaction with state authorities.
17.30-18.00 Summing up the seminar.
Interaction with public authorities.
• Ritual company as an object in the work of regulatory agencies (especially the control measures for MUP, Ltd., SP)
• Current trends in licensing and supervisory activities
• The functions and powers of inspectors, the basic requirements
• The system of training facility, 5 steps to victory
• Effective tools for successful negotiations with various state and social structures, ways to minimize losses
Training consists of a theoretical part - 40% . The rest of - 60% of the time, is dedicated analyzing of various situations and work and effective methods to solve them.

The Venue:
The Sanatorium "Mtsensk." Is located on the territory of the ski center, in which you will find a swimming pool with mineral water. Beautiful scenery and a comfortable environment to recover and rest.
Orel region, Mtsensk District,. Nechaevsky.
The costs of the workshop is: 15 500 rub. This consists of:
• 3 nights accommodation (wi-fi, swimming pool with mineral water)
• food (coffee breaks, 3 days for breakfast, lunch, dinner)
• A full set of informational materials,
• participation in a business dinner,
• a certificate of passing the 24-hour course on "manager ritual service" NIGHT IN MosAP.
The offer for family members
1000 rubles. per person per day.

For more information and to register please contact:
By calling 8-921-958-44-52 or 8-981-150-14-10;
Or simply send an e-mail to,

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