The last road items

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The last road items

As we know in Ancient Egypt cats were sometimes accompanying their owners also for the last road. They were gently laid to rest with their owner with much care and respect for being sacred animals.

There are people who still wish for that nowadays but unless the pet has died beforehand, it is clearly refused by funeral homes. In addition to that some people have other quite unique wishes for items that they would love to have along on the last road.

Here is a list of top items that people have taken along in present time:
1. Cellphones
Either people believe that they can use it in the afterlife and remain “connected” or in other cases their close ones find it comforting to send them text messages. Maybe it gives a feeling that the person is just away on a long trip and helps cope with grieving.

2. Cigarettes. Just for the feeling or in case the afterlife exists. One would like to stick to say habits.
3. Afterlife items. Favorite scarf, books, even a chair. Basically anything you would like to have for forever.

Have you ever had a strange wish from your clients family? Or have you found yourself thinking, would you like to take something along? If yes, what would be those items and is it to symbolize something special to you, or what reason?

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