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Listing of FIAT-IFTA Member on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

On December 19, Fu Shou Yuan International Group Limited, the flagship brand of funeral and interment industry in China, was listed on main board of SEHK. Since Fu Shou Yuan offered for subscription in Hong Kong on December 9, the oversubscribed share has reached 678 times of the public offering, HKD 114 billion has been frozen, and over 77,000 individual investors have participated in subscription. This funeral service provider headquartered in Shanghai will not only be a model of Chinese funeral enterprises to enter into the capital market, but also bring new change to the whole funeral and interment industry of China.

As the largest funeral service provider of China, Fu Shou Yuan, upholding the philosophy of "building a cultural cemetery and creating a cemetery culture", integrates humanity, history, art and other concepts of culture into the traditional funeral and interment so as to create and expand new connotation and significance for domestic funeral and interment industry. Wang Jisheng, General Manager of Fu Shou Yuan Group and Executive Director of Fu Shou Yuan, once revealed that the purpose of Fu Shou Yuan to go public was not for financing only but to extend its funeral and interment concept operated in these years to the funeral and interment industry of China as soon as possible.

As far as brand development of Fu Shou Yuan, during the 20 years from the establishment of Fu Shou Yuan, there have been over 600 memorial tablets of deceased celebrities set up in the cemetery, and several group memorial platforms such as New Fourth Army Square, Memorial Wall for Deceased Criminal Police, Monument for Body Donors, etc. have been built to regularly hold humanistic commemorative activities and exhibitions. All social sectors speak highly of the achievements made by Fu Shou Yuan during the process to promote and implement the new concept of "cultural cemetery". Those precious humanism resources concentrate the humanism history of Shanghai in modern times. In 2004, the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China approved Fu Shou Yuan to be Fu Shou Yuan Humanism Memorial Museum Park. In 2008, Shanghai Fu Shou Yuan was ranked as one of the top 10 cemeteries across the world by FIAT-IFTA and was honored as "the Most Beautiful Cemetery in the East". In 2010, Fu Shou Yuan has completed the first humanism memorial museum in China with a collection of nearly 3,000 mementos and historical materials of a galaxy of celebrities, and it is also the only group celebrity museum in the funeral and interment industry of the whole world. The innovative concept of "transformation from cemetery to park, from sacrifice to commemoration, and from farewell to fairness" and the new development thought attaching importance to humanistic care and pursuit of culture & art are gradually changing the inherent image of traditional funeral industry in the mind of the public.

According to the current development of funeral and interment industry in China, it is still in the transformation period, therefore the laws and regulations for funeral and interment are not yet sound and the industrialization progress of funeral and interment industry is a little slow. However, with the gradual opening up of service market in recent years, the existing operation pattern dominated by the government has been changed, the subject of investment and operation has become diversified, the market has been re-divided, and therefore multi-regional business groups have also gradually formed in the funeral and interment industry.

Referring to the development experience of foreign funeral enterprises and the related industry, Fu Shou Yuan considers listing as the first step of its long-term development strategy for spreading its business philosophy of respecting the deceased, people first, environmental protection and harmony to the public and leading the market to perceive the funeral and interment industry in a new way. By virtue of listing, Fu Shou Yuan hopes to become a more normative public enterprise, which is more conductive to social supervision and building a proactive model for Chinese funeral enterprises. Meanwhile, Fu Shou Yuan also hopes to introduce the concept of market-oriented operation into the funeral and interment industry of China so as to constantly play the leading role of the industry, to further standardize development of the industry, and to advance the culture transformation of the industry. Besides of providing a variety of professional and personalized services to meet the demands of different customer groups, Fu Shou Yuan hopes to help people find warmth and power from the past life memories through the pattern of humanism memory, thus creating a beautiful and happy life.

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