From order-taker to event planner

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From order-taker to event planner

'The funeral director of yesterday was more of an order-taker, today he’s expected to be an event planner.' We found this expression somewhere on the Internet. Funeral Transportation has always been an important part of the event to let the people know in the neighborhood and in town that this unique person has passed away.

In Amsterdam, The Netherlands the bereaved family may rent a funeral boat to have the funeral procession in the famous canals with direct access to the cemetery. 15 persons have a seat in the funeral boat next to the coffin. Rental conditions: no stormy weather forecast.

‘Leading the Pack’ on the transformed Harley Davidson is quite popular in the USA. With a great variety of options. You will find a Motor Cycle Hearse Builders in Pennsylvania: The Motor Cycle Hearse People.

In case you were a aficionado of the cycling cross or the Tour the France you might choose the Funeral bike in black or any other color.

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