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On the 23th of February 2013 the Union of the Funeral Companies in Bulgaria celebrated its 20th anniversary.

The Union of the Funeral Companies in Bulgaria was founded in 1993 as a natural and voluntary association of private entrepreneurs in this particular business in order to protect the interests of its members and prevent the monopoly of the state and municipalities. SPFB is member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and National Member for Bulgaria of the World organization of funeral operatives FIAT-IFTA.

About 80 representatives of funeral homes in the country and foreign guests attended the official meeting in Veliko Tarnovo, organized on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Union of the Funeral Companies in Bulgaria. The official opening of the forum was from 10.30 am in the Conference Hall of the prestigious Grand Hotel "Yantra" in the old capital Veliko Tarnovo. Guests from abroad are from the Netherlands, Poland and Turkey. From Holland Mr. Dirk Van Vuure - Junior Secretary-Treasurer of the FIAT-IFTA, Mr. Dirk Van Vuure - senior former president of FIAT-IFTA / 1994-96 / and former Secretary Treasurer of the FIAT-IFTA. From Poland Mr. Marek Cichewicz representative of the Polish Association and from Turkey Mr. Murat Aslanoglu, chairman of the Turkish burial association. From Bulgaria the Mayor of Veliko Tarnovo Mr. Daniel Panov, architect Mary Karazlateva, an expert at the Ministry of Culture and members of the National Assembly.

At 10:30 Mr. Spas Mikhailov, a spokesman for the Union opened formal event and gave the word to Mr. Atanas Argirov, president of UFCB to welcome the guests. At 11.00 am in the VIP hall of the hotel was held a briefing with the media. At 12.00 am we had a cocktail in the lobby for the guests and journalists. After a festive lunch from 13:30 began a tour of the sights of the city of Veliko Tarnovo, visited the old National Assembly where was accepted first Bulgarian constitution. Next we visited Transfiguration Monastery and as conclusion guests of the anniversary visited the newly opened museum of wax figures, presenting history of Bulgarian life during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. 17.30 to 19.00 meeting was held for discussion with the foreign guests in Hall 1 of the hotel. Various topics and issues were discussed.

At 20.00 began the official dinner at the complex restaurant. Guests were welcomed by the President of the Union, Mr. Atanas Argirov. There was wide musical - artistic program. Especially for our anniversary with the kind sponsorship of funeral agency "Memorium", Sofia, with managers Mr. Stoyan Makreev and Mrs. Emilia Lyubenova was presented light show of the fort "Tzarevetz." The management of SPFB sincerely thanks all who participated in the celebration festivities!

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