Birds and Death

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Birds and Death

There are many birds that carry symbolism of death. Which birds are these and what are the possible reasons?

Let us view a few for example -  owls, ravens and vulture are common to be carrying the symbolism of death. The last one mentioned have a very clear connection as vultures can often be found where there is a dead animal. They are often busy cleaning the bones of the animals, as they feed on their flesh. Wouldn't we look same way at any carnivores then? Such as lions or tigers, maybe some other mammal?

The question comes upon us, why birds? The connection could be the ability to fly, as the spirit is often seen as to leave the ground and raise to the air. What better way to imagine a soul leaving to air than flying? Also it seems the more “mysterious” the bird is, the more often it is applied for such symbolism. I can only guess that birds that people see on a daily basis like pigeon would simply to have the same effect.

Why people want to believe in afterlife and how birds fit into the story? There is an interesting research paper “On the Relationship between Birds and Spirts of the Dead” by Christopher M. Moreman definitely worth reading . You can find it at


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