Death and Comics

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Death and Comics

With the Halloween coming up let us look at the way of dealing with mortality from a brighter and more conceptual perspective.

There are some pretty creative comics around in general and also in the subject of death.
Surely, comics about death is more likely to serve people with sarcastic humor, but hereby a few worth seeing

MaryDeath – about a school girl who befriends death. Sounds more morbid than what it looks like. You can see the comics on web here:

Michael Hacker, a small illustrations series of “Life After Death”

Last but not least, Inspiration feed brings out 20 beautiful concepts of death and dying

And as extra, my personal favorite, actually a fine piece of animation art. Cowboy Bebop telling a story of two cats.

…Because sometimes despite the hard times, you have to find a moment to laugh.

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