Duck, Death and the Tulip

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Duck, Death and the Tulip

I have been asked some time ago, when is it the right time to talk about death to children? I think that depends on the child. However, when I came across a children’s book about death I thought this is a good way of telling your children about death.

The book is called “Duck, Death and the Tulip” and it is written by Wolf Erlbruch. The story is simple and honest. It is about a duck who becomes friends with death. The duck is first scared of the death and asking her : “Will you make something happen…?” Death replies calmly, no life and colds take care of that.

The duck continues to ask many questions that death answers. The book is honest, warm and a good reading. It has also been inspiring to adults as Jorge Sandoval with team has turned it into a beautiful animation. You can see it here:

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