FIAT-IFTA I.C.D. Meeting

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FIAT-IFTA Annual I.C.D. Meeting and Conference – Bologna 17 September 2015

From all over the world funeral service delegates came to attend the I.C.D. Meeting presided by International President Marc Poirier. At The Royal Carlton Hotel nicely located in the historic city center of Bologna the international funeral world gathered for the International Funeral Industry Convention and to celebrate also the 50th anniversary of FeNIOF – Italian National member of FIAT-IFTA.

The festivities culminates in a great Gala, a visit to the Ferrari Motor Valley and a memorable excursion to the Milan World Expo.
At the I.C.D. meting the new FIAT-IFTA Constitution was adopted with an overwhelming majority; the Funeral Exchange Program for professionals and students will be implemented and that we are making steps forward to establish an African Funeral Association. Most promising is the work done by our Funeral Heritage Steering Committee. We will take care that in the coming years more National Members can be involved.

The FIAT-IFTA Conference featured international speaker like Li LianJua, President CFA P.R. of China; Richard Feret, Director of CPFM France; Jimmy Olson representing NFDA USA; Lawrence Konyana, President of NFDA South Africa; Fabrice Kana, Director Anubis International France and George Melas, Director Melas Repatriation, Cyprus. The Board of FIAT-IFTA thanks these illustrious representatives of the Funeral Industry for their valuable knowledge input and for their contribution to the success of this event.

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