FIAT-IFTA International President 2016 - 2018

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 Montreal Canada - At the 14th FIAT-IFTA Convention & Conference, May 30 - June 2, 2016, ALPAR President Teresa Saavedra Andrade, Bolivia, has been inaugurated as FIAT-IFTA International President 2016 - 2018. Teresa Saavedra is the first woman to assume the Presidency of FIAT-IFTA - The World Orgainzation of Funeral Operatives.

Mrs. Teresa Saavedra -Andrade, holds a degree in Business Administration (BS), MBA, Operations, UM, USA, and has been in different management positions for the last 30 years. Currently she's General Manager and shareholder of Parque de las Memorias in Bolivia, South America.

Teresa joined FIAT IFTA as a representative of ALPAR in the International Council of Direction, occupying the three positions of Vice Presidency building a solid path to her Presidency for the 2016-2018 period.

FIAT IFTA and ALPAR have received hundreds of congratulatory notes, in which business leaders of the industry of the five continents, expressed their appreciation and good wishes; furthermore, there has a wide media coverage of this event.

We are sure that with her leadership and our New Board we shall continue to have achievements for the benefit of the International Funeral Industry.


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