Funeral Exchange Program

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Funeral Exchange Program

I. Board Resolution to set up an Funeral Exchange Program
At the Board Meeting in Nashville (USA), October 12 2014 the Board has agreed to adopt a proposal made by Mr. David Garvie (Canada). Mr. Garvie is General Manager at Ogden Funeral Homes Limited and Board member OFSA – Educational Committee.

Mr. Garvie proposes to investigate: “the possibility of initiating some form of an international exchange program whereby, perhaps for only for a month or two, funeral homes from around the world would agree to exchange a staff member in order for both establishments to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the culture of that particular country”.
The Board adds: “It should be a Program for staff members of funeral homes around the world as well as for students enrolled at Mortuary Schools and Universities.

II. Program Introduction
Only FIAT-IFTA Members can be participant of this exchange program. The Home Organization or Institute and the Host Organization or Institute are the Program Participants. They are entirely responsible by signing an agreement for the applying students or staff members. The Federation FIAT-IFTA is by no means responsible for any consequence resulting from the participation in this Exchange Program.
The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 10 per exchange session during the month of May or the month of October.

If you would like to participate or have ideas about the program, please contact us 

In addition to that we look forward to meeting you in Bologna on 16-19 September 2015 at International Funeral Industry Convention. Please note that the FIAT-IFTA ICD meeting takes place on 17 September.


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