Funeral Food: 10 Customs Around the World

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Funeral Food: 10 Customs Around the World

Food can offer comfort at hardest times and it is something you can share with other people, even if you are unable to speak. Simply, as you have lost the words for a moment. Like many other traditions around the world, also funeral food habits differ.

Despite menus being also different for individuals some foods are more common to pop-up. The website brings out 10 different funeral foods of 10 countries, likely to be present at a funeral at the place said, I hereby list their article conclusions:

1. Southern United States – Fried chicken
2. Estonia – Cabbage rolls
3. England – Ham
4. Hawaii – Lau Lau
5. Ireland – Irish Wake Cake
6. Mormon – Frog Eye Salad (actually made of candies and fruit, see photo here below)

7. Newfoundland – Codfish cakes
8. Romania – Colaci (sweet ring shaped yeast bread)
9. Sweden – Funeral Glogg
10. Vietnam – Bun Ho

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