Green Energy from Cemetery

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Green Energy from Cemetery

In Spain there is plenty of sunlight but how to you make use of it? The clear answer is solar panels but there is a plot twist in the story - their location. In the city of Santa Coloma a surprising solution was reached, they realized that solar panels could be placed in the cemetery.

At first the locals were not so happy with the idea and questioned if it is respectful for towards the people. On the other hand, it would be not disturbing anyone as they are more specifically on the roof of mausoleum. So the solar panels were installed and it has been great success.

As the cemetery of Santa Coloma de Gramenet currently has 462 solar panels, which are able to provide enough energy for 60 households. A good idea and well worth following in other cemeteries in the world. If location allows it, the climate supports it, then it is a good way to get some green energy.


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