Hallstatt Cemetery and House of Bones

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Hallstatt Cemetery and the House of Bones

A beautiful Austrian town, in addition to amazing sightseeing possibilities; it also has a special treat for funeral professionals. A unique cemetery and the “House of Bones”.

The cemetery is special for several reasons, in addition to being aesthetic to the eyes. It has different rules from many other cemeteries. First of all, the people who have passed away are buried horizontally. Secondly, the grave can be re-occupied already after 10 years. Thirdly, there are no family graves.

The cemetery has a picturesque view on the mountains and the graves match each other perfectly thanks to similar size and decoration elements. Here you can see a photo of the Hallstatt Cemetery:

The second interesting part is the “House of Bones” like name suggests, it consists of bones. That is of humans that have passed away, as special addition they have hand painted paintings on the skulls.
You can hear more about the history and the idea of communicating with the dead, in this video here below.


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