HUFES Annual Meeting Thessaloniki 2017

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Priority and main subject was the new tax map, the EFKA (Single Carrier Social Security - Funeral Expenses) and unregistered workers, from the head of the tax department of the Union Nikos Papargyropoulos and legal advisor Vasilis Nizamis. They did not hide their anguish for the new form of valid tax and insurance, acting from 1.1.2017 in their industry. The rapporteurs drew attention to the officers to be careful, because as mentioned the fines provided for any infringements are hefty.

Board Hufes 

Sweeping changes in tax and insurance 

Sweeping changes have been implemented to follow and abide by funeral office workers.

The head of the Union’s tax department Mr. Papargyropoulos featured chaos in tax issues, noting that there is a general issue regarding receipts.
As reported: “Funeral offices cut receipts with two tables: Table A is the Office's revenue and Table B where the office expenses are included and there begins the chaos. This problem exists all over Greece.”
Mr. Papargyropoulos stressed that there are intensive controls on the way and advised all Funeral offices to be very careful and formal.
Several members raised the issue to repeal Table B and the third receipt being given to customers to deposit.

With regard to e-money and POS, funeral offices are not included in the first compulsory implementation of fitting POS machines, but they should be especially careful as financial controls will be done using previous years and fines will be applied.
For installing POS machines, he explained that the office must open a business account, declare that account as irrepressible and state that they are only dealing along the needs of the office, and at the moment that does not change anything with regard to funeral expenses.

Insurance contributions

Regarding insurance contributions, Mr. Papargyropoulos mentioned that insurance contributions are reaching 85%. Specifically, according to the new Law, the calculation for insurance contributions will be made to 27% of net profit. The previous year’s profits will be multiplied by 27 and divided by 12 and will be payed monthly 1/12.
Mr. Papargyropoulos mentioned: "You will get the 2015 tax return, and when you open the app and submit data, new statements will finalise.
Then it will be recalculated and implemented for 2016. In essence converts levy to a new tax.”

Regarding the National Insurance Office, paid by the office for funeral workers, there are two categories of workers. One category, those who are working within the office and another category, those who go out in the ceremonies. In the first case if a third person who works within the office is a family relative, there are options. Funeral offices can state that the person assist the enterprise but not professionally.

The National Insurance Office has no method of validation for extra staff, therefore Funeral Offices can either outsource or configure their worker’s insurance according to the days of work. It has been clearly stated that pensioners are not permitted to cover any fixed position, and by 22nd of December all wages must be wired through a bank account.

Uninsured work
The legal adviser of the Union Vasilis Nizamis, advised funeral offices to be careful about all documents issued by the undertakers, as this practice started by circular by the then minister Mr.Tsovolas. Note that Funeral Offices are the only professionals in Greece who must record expenses related to third party professionals.

Mr. Nizamis stated that, if the obligation is based on circular then it is not Law, and the complaisance to the branch officers via circular, thereby there is no obligation that emanates from circular. The counsel referred to the officer’s cases that were taken to court and vindicated to related matters throughout Greece.
For the uninsured work, he stressed that controls are not only implemented by the National Insurance Office (IKA) but also from the Digital Insight office (SEPE), stressing that before taking a job, each participant must inform the portal of Ministry of System Information when and which days they will work.


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