In Memoriam Barry Albin-Dyer

Afbeelding 357

International Tribute to Barry Albin-Dyer, Funeral Director

The International Board of FIAT-IFTA – The World Organization of Funeral Operatives – President Marc Poirier (Canada), 1st Vice President Teresa Saavedra (Bolivia),
2nd Vice President Akinori Matsui (Japan), 3rd Vice President Marek Cichewicz (Poland), Secretary Treasurer Dirk van Vuure Jr. ( The Netherlands)
would like to express feelings of sadness by the news of the passing away of Barry Albin-Dyer, FIAT-IFTA President 2004 – 2006.

Barry Albin-Dyer has played an important role in our International Funeral Directors Federation.
He has also introduced the International Document for the Repatriation of Human Remains recognized by IATA.

With his personal style he has modernised the International FIAT-IFTA Convention and set the new standards for the future of our Federation.
The unforgettable Convention, London 2006, will always remains in our memory.

FIAT-IFTA members worldwide will remember him with warmth for his inspiring personality.
We send our heartfelt condolences and feelings of sympathy to the family and relatives.

Marc Poirier, International President

Dirk van Vuure Jr., Secretary Treasurer

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