Infographics of Funeral Traditions

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Infographics of Funeral Traditions

The UK-based funeral services company RHC Funerals has made a wonderful infographics of Funeral Traditions from all around the world.

As they explain - "Many different religions are followed across certain areas of the world, each one having its own distinct characteristics. The same can be said for funeral traditions, with a stark difference in the observance of such customs from one region to the next." 

According to RHC Funerals the infographics explore " just some of the more diverse burial customs that are, or were, in practice around the world. The extremities of these traditions are remarkable, from the dissection of bodies that is part of the sky burial custom followed in China, to the typing of bodies to trees in parts of Australia and south-east Asia. Not all of the customs outlined in the infographic are still commonly in existence. For example, the Sati tradition in India whereby a woman whose husband has died would burn herself as a sacrifice is more associated with bygone generations. Likewise, the practice of cannibalism, which was once abundant in Brazil and Papua New Guinea, has subsided considerably in modern times."

You can find the infographic of - Death Traditions made by RHC Funerals  here

They add as comment "For those of us more familiar with the observance of a church-based funeral service, followed by a graveyard burial, the traditions profiled in this hugely educational infographic can seem rather disrespectful, but in reality it serves to highlight the diversity of cultures which exist in the world today." 

You can also see their infographics about  -How to cope with loss on Holidays here 


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