Afbeelding 652

On behalf of the Honorary Presidents William V. Hocker and Dirk van Vuure Sr. and the Membership of the Federation, President Teresa Saavedra wishes to express her feelings of sadness by the news of the passing away of Mr. Marette.


Jacques Marette has been a great example for all of us to promote the funeral sector in all the countries of the world. His determination to advocate the practice of embalming has laid the fundaments of our Federation. His travels to all continents in the seventies and eighties of the past century, together with friends and Board members have united so many of the funeral professionals. Jacques Marette was born in 1928 in a family serving the funeral sector already in the 19th century. He learned the practice of embalming in USA and in the United Kingdom and introduced the practice in France to humanize the death care services. In 1887 Hygeco is founded in Paris by Louis Marette. In 1960 Jacques Marette (the founder’s grandson) visits England and America to develop a new process to preserve the dead: thanatopraxy!

April 1970, he initiated the international federation FIAT-IFTA together with André Chatillon in Monaco.
After the seventies, FIAT-IFTA became more and more international and Jacques Marette stepped aside to give way to the international development of the Federation. Still he always followed FIAT-IFTA and attended if possible ICD Meetings and Conventions.
Without his strong intention to promote embalming and the international funeral care, FIAT IFTA would not have the position in the international the funeral industry it has now.
At the 48th FIAT-IFTA I.C.D. Meeting of the Federation’s Membership at FUNERMOSTRA, Valencia, Spain on the 25th of May 2017 we will commemorate Jacques Claude MARETTE.

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