Life and Death Statistics

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Life and Death Statistics

Sometimes facts and figures speak louder than anything else. Surely, every person is special but seeing a sum of numbers run by…Knowing each of them is a person – hits you. Makes you realize how happy you should be to be alive, especially if it is called ‘deaths today’ or ‘deaths of children under five’.

The number of deaths per year is about 39,152,450 and yes, you guessed it - growing every hour. Do not worry though the birthrates are even higher. Or maybe you should worry for it is questionable for how long will there be enough sources for all? To have an environmental overview of how humans treat the planet earth, look into the environmental statistics.

The harsh and yet wonderful thought provoking statistical overview can be found at the Worldometers website that runs on current information and in live time at
Maybe sometimes one needs this statistical wake-up call, just to go out there and - live each moment to the fullest!

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