Live for Résumé or for Eulogy

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Live for Résumé or for Eulogy

David Brooks, gave a short TED talk to sum up how one builds a good résumé or an eulogy.In his talk he uses metaphor of 'Adam I' and 'Adam II' to bring out the differences between values that are cared for when living for a resume or eulogy. More so, he says each person consists of both Adam I and Adam II.

So what do these Adams stand for.' Adam I' is the one aiming at a good resume. Adam I, is more common in the modern society, but does it make him more valuable?
Adam I is ambitious, achiever who creates companies, and strives for economic success.

Adam II on the other hand is humble, and believes that in order to find oneself one must lose themselves and he believes in forgiveness. He is the one that would be remembered with great words in eulogy.
He concludes that person’s goal should be a good life and combining the two sides. In  which do you recognize yourself? Adam I or Adam II? You can watch David Brooks talk here below and have your say in the comments section.



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