Maori style funeral for Jonah Lomu

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Maori style funeral for Jonah Lomu

A beautiful goodbye was given to a legend of sports world – Jonah Lomu. The funeral had several elements of Maori Funeral.

In the ceremony there was a series of hakas to honour Jonah Lomu and in the end 40 pigeons were released. For those who do not know, a haka was originally a war dance. But it is also used on special occasions. Haka is a posture dance performed by a group, it involves stamping feet and rhythmically shouting. Just few months back he himself made a haka for his sons in London, while promoting rugby. You can see the video here below:

One can only imagine how emotional it must have been for family and friends to experience hakas at his funeral. You can see the funeral ceremony here below:

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