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Afbeelding 506

A Delicate French Book on a Disturbing Experience
The beginning of a Spiritual Inquiry

Les trois jours et demi après la mort de mon père
The three and a half days after the death of my father
Author: Valerie Seguin, Editor: Les Arenes

The first part demonstrates how the author felt after the death of her father who was completely atheist. The author then shows through rational inquiry, scientific studies on experiments at frontiers of life and death, what is the progress of the science on research of consciousness.

The final section presents an overview of different cultures such as Judeo-Christian Muslim, Buddhist, Massai, etc. This is a superb compendium of general knowledge that opens doors, says we must lift taboos about death and on support of certain rituals that we lost.

A testimony which also helps to endure the pain of grief and maybe offers options to be able to stay in contact with the missing person.
Contact: Valerie Seguin

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