Found: New Species of Humans

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New Species of Humans With Their Own Burial Rituals

There is a great article written by Justine Alford in the IFLscience website. Hereby a small sum up about a huge discovery. The scientists have found evidence of new human species, the new species is named Homo naledi. Interestingly enough, the discovery brings also news to burial traditions beliefs. The sign of human culture – burial rituals, are also present in Homo naledi.

Also mostly thanks to possible burial rituals, scientists have a lot of different individuals for investigation, in different life stages. This means the development and overlapping points with Homo sapiens can be better compared.

In addition to a burial site “cave” they have also found signs of fireplace nearby it. Is there a connection, is it early signs of cremation?
Definitely interesting concepts to think about and an investigation to keep an eye on, to see how different human family tree might turn out in the light of this news.

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