Pet Memorial Sculptures

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Pet Memorial Sculptures 

Sometimes after having lost a pet, not only mentally but you can also miss having it around in some tangible form. The feeling of loss will always remain, but for some, having a sculpture made after your pet can offer some comfort. On those days you miss your pet the most, you can at least sit aside the sculpture and just be silent for a moment and remember all the good times together.

There are different choices available. You can either simply pick a breed based sculpture that resembles your lost pet. Or you can get a costume made sculpture, based on photos.
The last one also offers the possibility of turning the sculpture into a final resting piece, as an urn. Though the design is the a bit limited by the fact that it needs to have enough space for the ashes.

You can see more details about their sculptures at
And another costume made choice is for example via
There are also many artists offering their works on

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