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Famous People Who Predicted Their Own Death

Be careful what you say because it just might happen. At least when it comes to speaking about the time of your death. An interesting article about 6 famous people who predicted their own death, written in by Stephen Milton.

It starts off with Mark Twain, who was born on the time when Halley’s comet passed earth. In 1835 he had said it to be the "greatest disappointment of my life" if it didn't also pass at the time of his death. In 1910 the comet did pass again, and Mark Twain died – crazy enough – the next day Mark Twain died of a heart attack.

Though, Mark Twain might have known it and be pleased to be right. The second story is of someone who said – this is not what I want, and got just that.
Namely Pete Maravich who was one of the greatest NBA players. Said in 1974, “ I do not want to play 10 years and then die of a heart attack at the age of 40”.

He ended up retiring due to injury earlier than his 40 birthday. But he came in for a pickup game, at the age of 40 and shortly after having said “I feel great” – he collapsed and died. Turns out he had undiscovered congenital heart defect, and he should have only lived until age of 20.

You can see the full list and stories in the original article:

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